Progress is measured not only in what has been accomplished, but also in what remains to be done. Ensuring that women and families have access to essential surgical care, such as a cesarean delivery, repair of broken bones and cataract surgery, requires countries to challenge traditional service models and the global community to invest in stronger health systems. In Ethiopia, Tanzania and Madagascar, and in partnership with the GE Foundation, Jhpiego is building a 21st century surgical team and new operating ecosystem that ignite leaders, innovate care and increase access to basic surgical care for the 5 billion people who lack it.

In India, we are embarking on an ambitious effort to develop and introduce technological systems that will connect health care providers to up-to-date knowledge and data to improve the quality of care for mothers and newborns and save lives. This initiative partners with private health care facilities to reach 14 million people and set the example for quality care approaches in this populous country and the region.

Jhpiego is disrupting the routine practice of malaria prevention and treatment to reach more pregnant women where they live, in their villages and their homes. As part of a new initiative in four countries, our team and partners will generate the research to reform treatment policies, accelerate global progress and eliminate malaria among pregnant women.

The unique needs of girls and first-time mothers continue to inspire us to drive positive change, and develop programs and champions who deliver care where challenges are greatest.


The role and responsibility of nurses need attention to reach the global goals for a healthier, safer world. Nurses are on the frontlines of care; along with midwives, they deliver 90 percent of health services worldwide. And yet, nurses do not hold positions of leadership within health systems to effect necessary change. The status of nurses and midwives in the community of health care professionals needs greater recognition. Jhpiego is committed to giving nurses and midwives opportunities to build their management and leadership skills 
to become positive disrupters and harness the power of this essential group of providers.

We thank all of our partners for their trust and collaboration. We look forward to working together to accelerate high-quality, lifesaving care, strengthen health systems for optimum efficiency and promote impact-driven champions of healthy families, thriving communities and productive countries.