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When Agnes Akou joined the community health club in her village in Côte d’Ivoire, she took a big step forward on her journey to self-reliance. The 47-year-old mother found a safe place where her HIV status carried no stigma and supportive club members encouraged her to adhere to lifesaving HIV treatment and a healthy lifestyle.

In Lesotho, Nurse Tsotleho Maramane chose to work at the all-male Khotla clinic in Maseru District to ensure that men like Moshoeshoe Letsie, a maintenance office worker, receive the comprehensive health care they need. And, for Medha Thokchom, a visit to a neighborhood wellness center in her native India offered relief from the persistent exhaustion she felt from her diabetes.

In the countries where we work, Jhpiego is at the forefront of helping ministries of health deliver integrated, comprehensive and regular health care to women and men like Agnes, Moshoeshoe and Medha. Our partnerships save lives, improve health and transform futures through the relentless pursuit of innovative, client-centered quality care delivered to the most vulnerable.

Dr. Mancuso and other nurses



From Nairobi to Delhi, our achievements in 2018 have been among the most exciting to date. Advances in day-of-birth care through technology-driven platforms. Expansion of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, to reach vulnerable adolescents and others to build an AIDS-free generation. Data-driven improvements in health systems to create a strong workforce that can be deployed equitably and serve even the most remote communities.

Adolescents account for about 8 percent of the world’s population. As future parents, health care workers and community leaders, they demand our attention. Working with adolescents to create programs that meet their unique needs establishes partnerships for the future. In Ghana, first-time moms set the bar high on taking control of their sexual and reproductive health to delay pregnancy as part of a new, co-created initiative on adolescent health.

Across the globe, we are proud to collaborate with countries to elevate the education, training and performance of nurses, midwives and community health workers. Buoyed by new and expansive skills, they are ushering in an era of wellness, disease prevention and person-centered care—in essence, primary health care.

Dynamic, client-focused and community-owned, primary health care holds the promise of accelerating positive health outcomes for women and families, and lifting countries up as we work to achieve universal health coverage.

As impactful as our 2018 achievements have been, they reflect Jhpiego’s value not only today, but also in the years ahead, as our work will remain influential and sustainable.Leslie Mancuso

As impactful as our 2018 achievements have been, they reflect Jhpiego’s value not only today, but also in the years ahead, as our work will remain influential and sustainable.

In Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Lesotho and Nigeria, we innovated new models of client-driven, gender-responsive care that use technology to accelerate progress. Mozambique and Tanzania embraced new, Jhpiego-designed digital platforms to increase HIV testing, track results daily and identify HIV-positive individuals to monitor treatment.

Health systems from Liberia to Myanmar are stronger because of our work, their health care providers more prepared to withstand the next crisis, manmade or natural.

With generous support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.S. President’s Emergency Fund for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and corporate and foundation donors, countries partnering with Jhpiego are making progress, not promises.

Individuals, families and communities are at the center of our work. Recognizing that they play a central role in solving their own challenges and fostering healthy, resilient and self-reliant communities, we engage them to proactively shape health care services to meet their needs.

India launched an ambitious network of wellness centers to enroll citizens in the practice of good health across their life span. Ethiopia has improved access to basic surgical care so no woman dies for lack of cesarean delivery. Tanzania vaccinated girls against the human papillomavirus. Botswana is blazing a new path on woman-centered care with self-collection of vaginal samples to screen for cervical cancer and save lives.

These are just a few examples of Jhpiego’s commitment to promote health, prevent disease and deliver quality, people-centered curative services from home to hospital, village to city. Our work is powered by the knowledge that primary health care is inextricably linked to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and achieving universal health coverage. Community champions are well prepared to expand their work nationally, invest in health and lead in the years ahead.

You make this all possible through your commitment to women and families. 2018 saw real advances and the power to enact change for a healthier future. Together, with foresight and daring, we look toward the day when women and families are healthy and thriving—no matter where they live.

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Leslie Mancuso, PhD, RN, FAAN
President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mancuso and other nurses