Five years ago, USAID’s flagship MCSP set out on an ambitious effort to prevent the deaths of women and children in countries with the highest burden. A dozen organizations partnered with Jhpiego to provide quality, gender-responsive health care and strengthen health systems to deliver lifesaving services for women and children.

Countries have embraced new evidence-based policies and data for decision-making, invested local resources to scale up health services, budgeted for the highest impact, and planned and prepared fore merging health threats.

The results have been transformative. Investment through MCSP has improved health at every stage of life,
from pre-pregnancy through birth, infancy, childhood and adolescence.

Led by Jhpiego, MCSP is a partnership with Save the Children Federation Inc., John Snow Inc., ICF, Results for Development Institute, PATH, CORE Group and PSI as lead partners, and Broad Branch Associates, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Communications Initiative and Avenir Health as associate partners.